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The Best Barbershop in Breda: Barber Juul

Derived from both classic and modernist styles, at our barbershop Breda you can expect the finest of barbering. We don’t just cut your hair, we don’t just barber your beard – our mission is to perfect your look the way you want it. Need a clean, fresh cut? We got you. Do you want something more extravagant, special, or even crazy? Everything is possible at our specialist barbershop! Fading, cutting, trimming, you name it – we do it. We are specialized in undercut hairstyle. Want to go bald? Why not. We got you! We are an honest business focussing on creating a mix of traditional and modernist haircut styles, for men only. We offer a wide range of options so you can pick the cut that works for you. No need to worry, we will make sure you never looked as fresh as when you leave the shop.

Can’t wait? Neither can we. So let’s arrange our first meeting by you making a reservation right now.

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