Juul learned the craftsmanship in Rotterdam. There he perfected himself as a barber and settled in Breda.

He uses both classic and modern styles and is aware of the latest trends. Both young and old (and everything in between) can come here for the perfect look. This is not just cutting hair or trimming a beard. Juul works with a mission and has experience with all kinds of looks. Ordinary, extraordinary or just crazy? Or why not completely shaved? It is all possible with this star in his profession.



Daan is the new barber at Barber Juul. After working in Rotterdam for 3 years and gaining a lot of experience, he chose Barber Juul as his next step! With his qualities and his perfectionism, Daan ensures that every guest leaves with a smile.

When it comes to cutting, Daan does it all, from the real old-school cuts to the modern styles. He is eager to show his best work in Breda as well.